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You’re a Peach, February

February, oh, February. You’ve been good to me.

Or should I say “février, oh, février” (in honor of my awesome French class).

I’m pleased to say that I am officially an English major, and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully I will be able to incorporate food into my future career in some form or fashion, but only time will tell! I feel so blessed to have The Pie Notes as my little vacation from literature.

Life for Sarah and me has been much more…relaxing. Our classes are exponentially more enjoyable and spring is beginning to reveal its beautiful face! We have brightly colored flowers arranged in vases in almost every room at our house, and this evening I finally baked some peaches that have been staring me in the eye for a couple days. Every time I walked past them I got a whiff of that intoxicating aroma and I just couldn’t resist them any longer.

baked peach with streusel

My baked peach kinda looks like a scoop of ice cream. Now I want peach ice cream. That will be my next endeavor…

All you do for this is halve some peaches, brush with butter, top with streusel, and bake them to perfection.

And top with fresh, sweetened whipped cream and a drizzle of warm honey.

Oh, honey. This peach is good.

I can’t even explain how important every component is. The peach is tender and perfectly sweet, topped with a crumbly, spiced streusel. Then the smooth, freshly whipped cream (emphasis on the fresh–no Cool Whip here) cools down your mouth, and at the end you’ll taste that burst of honey. Ahh it’s just so delectable.

halved peach

We enjoy watching Brunch at Bobby’s and he whipped this up in his Southern Brunch episode. I put my own little twists on it:

Baked Peaches with Streusel Topping

We’re gearing up for our college church group’s spring retreat to Ellijay, Georgia this weekend. There will be hiking, lounging, swimming, and sightseeing, so I’m very excited!

Pictures will be taken, I promise. Probably of embarrassing moments on my part, like my last hiking adventure at Chewacla. Gracious sake’s.

Enjoy your weekend, and give these awesome peaches a try!

Dreamin’ of Spring

Why the cold weather? Is it really necessary?

My heart goes out to those in the north that have to live with this every winter.

I’m a Gulf Coast kind of girl. Which means I am not used to sleet and portable heaters and sleeping with fourteen layers of clothing.

And I’m certainly not accustomed to frozen pipes.

The one night I forgot to leave my faucets dripping in Auburn, the temperature reached the teens and the pipes froze. So I spent my morning frantically brushing my teeth with bottled water. At least I had already prepared my coffee the night before–that’s the important thing. Poor Sarah was outside on the phone with Dad all afternoon trying to fix it. I got home a couple hours after she did and I knew I had to leave or I would go crazy. After all, I’m pretty fond of taking showers, which simply wasn’t possible at the time.

So I packed my little vintage luggage in five minutes and headed home to see my parents with anticipations of warm weather and running water.

I got the running water, but…it’s cold down here. Not as frigid as Auburn, though. When I was almost home, sleet began hitting my windshield. Two minutes from the bay and there’s ice falling from the sky. Goodness.  But Mom and Dad always make it so nice when I come home, complete with a warm fireplace and freshly baked cookies.

Mom and I did a little browsing at the mall yesterday and later I got to see my sweet (and very well dressed) friend, Meagan!

meagan and ac

It was nice catching up over hot coffee. That’s my favorite way. If only we had a slice of pie to go with that…

I took care of that today.

I always talk about enjoying the moment and not longing to be in a different place in life…but I wish it was springtime. Oh so badly.

So here is a little preview of sunshine and sandy beaches and white linen pants..

lemon meringue pie

Lemon meringue pie to ease the soul.

This has always been one of my favorites because my Granny makes it perfectly. Every time I indulge in a slice I think of being with her. Mine will never ever ever taste as fantastic as hers, but oh well! I try. I love you, Granny. And I love your lemon meringue pie.

Since I have some French homework to do before watching Downton Abbey tonight, I mixed it up a little and used a shortcut pie crust. It is ridiculously easy. I felt like I was cheating. No cutting in butter, no rolling, no chilling. Just mix, press into the pie plate, and bake!

lemon meringue pie closeup

Ahh, I love this pie. I was never a big fan of meringue – I always preferred whipped cream – but for some reason this meringue is enjoyable to eat. I’m not guiltily wiping it off to the side. I guess that’s what happens as you get older. I’ll actually eat raw tomatoes now, which is, frankly, a major milestone in my life.

joey with toy

I’m sure Joey would like meringue.

And lemon pie.

How about you?

(By the way, the pipes un-froze about two hours after I left. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. I got pie out of the deal!)

Shortcut Piecrust

Lemon Meringue Pie

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