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Peachy Keen

I take back what I said last weekend about wishing it was spring. Winter isn’t so bad when snow is involved.


snow 2

rhonda snow


Looks like we got a couple furry friends visit our front porch last night…

paw prints snow

(that is my footprint by the way)

The snowman fam.

snowmen 2

And now with a bit more sass..


I’ve found that I am terrible at making snowballs, which means I’m terrible at making snowmen. That was as good as it was going to get!

I’ve been frolicking around all day. Trying to crack the super thick layer of ice on our cars, making snow angels, freezing to death. Yeah, it’s been a good day.

Since we are basically trapped at our house because of the icy roads, we’re running out of food. Not really, but you know how it goes–you always want what you can’t have.

I want chili, but we don’t have any ground beef.

I want chicken parm, but we don’t have chicken.

I want turkey burgers, but we don’t have turkey.

I guess I just want meat. And we don’t have any.

I shouldn’t complain though…I can’t believe all of the chaos that is happening on the interstates and roads across the South. Getting stranded in cars and sleeping overnight in schools are certainly not common occurrences. I hope that all who found themselves in scary situations made it safely home and are warming up next to a fire on this pretty Wednesday afternoon.

So we have peaches, and that’s about it. I was flipping through my pie book and the only other option was an old-time vinegar pie. This was made during hard times when vinegar was used as a substitute for cream and milk. It sounded like it could be good, but not as good as peach cobbler.

peach cobbler

This cobbler is a winner.

Although it’s not summer time, the fresh peaches Sarah bought smelled delightfully sweet and turned out perfectly in this dessert.


Fresh Peach Cobbler

Ice, Ice Baby

What’s that I hear?


Snow? In Alabama?




Little Lucy. Gotta love her.

Auburn has served me well this year. First the National Championship, and now two days off of classes for “winter weather.” Life is good.

ac and sarah snow




Little Miss Rhonda is frozen to the core.


rhonda the honda snow


And so am I!


You can always tell where a person is from judging by his or her reaction to snowfall.

I’ve been freaking out all day long. I’m definitely a Southerner.

I should be reading 20+ pages of Middle English British literature, but since I have the attention span of a four year old during major life events, I have been staring out the window waiting for the sleet to transform into flurries for the majority of my day. Besides, I’ve never seen snow fall from the sky, just a little accumulation on the ground.

Thank goodness it happened. Sarah was napping, I peeked out the window for the 438th time, and there it was–little happy flakes shimmying down from the sky!

I screamed and woke Sarah from her slumber. We proceeded to carry out the typical snow day activities, including her throwing a snowball at my face while I was opening my mouth to speak. In it went.

I’d rather not think about where that snow has been!

It was a blast, though. The snowflakes are still coming down pretty steadily, so hopefully it’ll still be there tomorrow for us to play in!

I’m such a child.

Especially since I have yet to do that assignment.

Procrastination at its finest right here.

No pies were made today to allow for maximum recess time. We have some yummy peaches just waiting to be devoured, so that will be coming soon.

Enjoy the snow, or the sleet, or the sun…wherever you may be!

And happy, happy birthday, Aunt Debbie! Love ya.



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